Freeze branding - hunter valley, nsw, qld

Freeze Branding Process

Freeze branding is a humane method of marking your livestock. It uses a super cold iron to change the colour of the hair rather than burning and scaring the hide as in hot branding. Freeze branding can be done quickly and painlessly at any age. Horses can be ridden immediately after the branding session as it leaves no scars.

The area to be branded is to be cleaned of foreign material. The brand site is then clipped as square as possible, particularly at the bottom, to aid in square placement of the brand. The brand site is then thoroughly dried if the animal is sweating or is wet from rain or washing.

Room temperature alcohol is then squirted over the brand site thoroughly covering the entire shaved area. This removes some skin oils and helps transfer the cold from the iron head to the skin. Immediately after the alcohol soak the iron is quickly removed from the appropriate container, aligned and then firmly press the iron squarely on the brand site.

If you do not have your own brand we have a registered brand (ASB registered) that can be used. Standard and small numbers are available.

We bring the nos. for horses 1" and 1 1/2", and we also carry letters and nos. for cattle (3"and 4").

If required a hot branding service can also be provided.

Branding irons can be made to order to suit your own specifications.

Branding Irons

Quality branding irons made to order with various sizes to cater for -

All breeds of horses, ponies and cattle.

Cost of branding irons start from $250.